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Global Growth Fund Programs

Ontario’s Global Growth Fund provides Ontario businesses with the support they need to export their goods and services abroad.

Funded by the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, the Global Growth Fund allows Ontario businesses to receive up to $250,000 in lifetime support through two programs:1

  • Export Market Access Program
  • Export Manager Program

The Global Growth Fund prioritizes support for these in-demand and high-growth sectors1

  • advanced manufacturing
  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • clean technology (including renewable energy and environmental technologies)
  • exportable professional services (such as architecture or engineering)
  • ICT including digital media
  • life sciences

Export Market Access


The Export Market Access Program has helped more than 1,200 Ontario businesses access and expand into international markets. Businesses can apply for up to $50,000 in funding in one Export Market Access application on a 50/50 cost share basis. For example, you can propose a project of up to $100,000 in eligible activities, $50,000 of which would be provided by the Province of Ontario.

Eligible activites include:

  • showcasing company goods and services to potential international buyers
  • participating in international trade missions
  • developing promotional materials
  • upgrading e-commerce capabilities to facilitate trade with the target market
  • exhibiting in international trade shows
  • conducting market research on the target market
  • securing temporary in-market office space to further business relationships

Business eligibility

To be eligible for the Export Market Access program, your business must:

  • have at least $300,000 in annual sales
  • have between three and 500 full-time employees
  • focus on no more than two target countries in your application

You may apply to the Export Market Access program multiple times and only twice within a twelve month period until you reach your lifetime funding limit ($250,000). Before you apply, contact the Ontario Chamber of Commerce for more details.

Export Manager Program


The Export Manager Program helps a limited number of high-growth technology or innovation-intensive Ontario businesses2 hire a dedicated Ontario-based export manager who will prepare and implement an international export plan that will help your business:

  • Launch a new international business strategy; or
  • Expand the company’s presence in an existing international export market.

Your company can receive up to $80,000 to offset up to 50% of the export manager’s salary over two years. It is important to note that you can only receive Export Manager funding once in your company’s lifetime.

Successful applicants must have annual sales between $2 million and $20 million and export sales ranging from 10% to 50% of total annual sales to be eligible.3

Please contact the Ontario Chamber of Commerce for more details.


1Ontario companies whose activities fall outside of these priority sectors may still be eligible for Global Growth Fund support. Please contact the Ontario Chamber of Commerce for more details.

2Companies cannot apply directly for this program. Only applicants nominated by the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade will be considered for this program. Please contact the Ontario Chamber of Commerce for more details.

3When determining eligibility based on export sales as a percentage of total annual sales, export sales to the United States will not be considered if those sales result in the company moving above the 50% threshold (provided the target markets are outside of the U.S.).