Global Growth Fund

Please note, we are no longer accepting applications to the export market access and export manager programs as both programs are now closed.

If your project was previously approved and you need to complete the reporting requirements for an EMA application, please follow the instructions below.

If you were approved for the EMP stream (Export Manager) and need to complete a report, please contact Louie Di Palma at

Instructions for Completing your EMA Reports
Note: All reports must be completed via email. Please contact Peter Greenall ( or Jon Ari ( for the necessary template.

Expense Report: In order to complete your expense report we require the following documents

  1. A lead list of all the companies you met at your tradeshow or trade event.
  2. Receipts or invoices for all approved expense items. Please consult your EMA approval letter for a detailed list of approved items. (Please remember we do not require receipts for per diem items)
  3. Proof of payment for all approved items. We only accept the following as proof of payment, bank or credit card statements, retuned cheques or completed wire transfers. All documents must be from a financial institution. We will not accept internal accounting documents as proof of payment

Final Report: In order to complete your final report we require the following

  1. If you made sales because of your trade activity, we would like to know. Please provide us proof of these sales in the form of purchase orders or signed contracts.
  2. If these new sales resulted in the creation of jobs, we would like to know. Please provide us with a list of the job titles

For any questions or concerns, please call 416-482-5222 and dial 1 to reach an Global Growth Fund representative.